Brilrider Flight AF

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Brilrider Flight AF - The World's Lightest Balance Bike!
This is the world's lightest and most exquisitely designed balance bike ever!
At 1.89 Kgs (~4 Lbs) it is all aluminium, including the frame, handlebar and seat stem!




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Product Description

  • Stunning fluid design
  • Feather-light that even your 18-month baby can lift it
  • Vibrant sand-blasted, anodized metallic colour frame
  • Airplane grade aluminium, fluid-design frame
  • Oh so low seat starting position gets your 18 month baby taking control of and walking the Brilrider!
  • Ergonomic angular footrest
  • The Brilrider Flight takes the balance bike experience to giddy heights and Makes Living Fun for you and your child!
  • Your Baby Can Balance with the Brilrider

The Brilrider is a revolution in the bicycle space, enabling babies / children as young as 18 month-5 years to start riding without trainer wheels or support! The Brilrider works on a very simple concept of working with the natural and instinctive capabilities of your child. The correct time to start babies on the Brilrider, is when they are able to walk steadily without falling often. Initially, your baby will just use the Brilrider to walk with, as its simple pedal-free and handlebar-limiter-free design enables the baby to walk without restriction. As the child gets confident walking and taking charge of his cool Brilrider, you will notice how he/she starts experimenting with his/her feet-up as he learns that the wheels offer him a faster mode of transport!

Brilrider Flight AF comes with an all-new stunning fluid design with ergonomic angular footrests, airplane-grade aluminium frame, handlebar and seat stem and scintillating anodized, sand-blasted metallic finish! It weighs just 1.9 Kgs (4 lbs)- the lightest balance bike in the world, that even an 18 month-old baby can lift it! It comes with ultra-light 12" EVA puncture-proof tyres and we have even brought down the lowest seat position to just 11" from the ground. We want the youngest of babies and parents world over to experience the sheer joy of the Brilrider Flight Experience!

Important notice for Indian Customers:

You are about to buy an original Brilrider. Brilrider balance bikes are India's first, patented and India's highest selling balance bikes. Brilrider Balance bikes are now exclusively available on official Bril websites and ONLY. Please do not buy rip offs on or other unauthorised sites. We have pulled out our bikes from so we can give you world-class service and warranty.

Original Brilrider Bikes are still available on for customers residing in the USA.