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Brilart is the world's ONLY 100% experiential creativity program for 4-6 year-old children! Brilart is a carefully crafted program created by some of the WORLD'S BEST CREATIVITY EDUCATORS. They have taught experiential art and creativity programs in the 1% of schools where nurturing creativity is taken seriously.


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Product Description

A comprehensive easy-to-use curriculum that spans 96 sessions (That's a 2-year experiential creativity course at 1 session a week for your 4-6 year-old!) - 8 books (Kid Art Basic KAB 1,2,3 and 4 and Junior Art Basic JAB 1,2, 3 and 4 with levels covering Drawing and Painting, Art and Craft, Action Art and Design and Synthesis!)
Four bonus colouring and cartooning activity books to get your little animator to have a blast! These books make cartooning a piece of cake for the parent and the kid!
Program created by a truly international team of art and creativity educators with a combined experience of over 100 years of teaching children!
A full range of Bril's world class art material to get going from the moment you open the box!

The BRILART KIT contains the below items:

  • Bril Jumbo Wax Crayons (24+2 Colours): 1 Set
  • Brilours (6 Colours) – 1 Set
  • Bril 12 Colours Wax Crayons – 1 Set
  • Bril Kromo Krazee Sketch Pens (12 Colours) – 1 Set
  • Bril Kromo Mini Sketch Pens (12 Colours) – 1 Set
  • Bril Marks HB Pencils – 20 Pencils (2 Boxes)
  • Bril Rubz Erasers – 20 erasers (1 box)
  • Bril Art and Craft Scissors – 2 Nos
  • Bril Half size Colour Pencils – 1 Set
  • Bril Oil Pastels (15 Colours) – 1 Set
  • Bril Poster Colours (12 Colours) – 1 Set
  • BrilStik 8g Glue Stick – 1 No

ONE-TIME PURCHASE THEN FREE FOR LIFE! YOU NEVER HAVE TO PAY AGAIN FOR ART CLASSES - EVER! Any decent art programme today would set you back by Rs. 18,000 per year including material costs. Here you get a power-packed 2-year program valued at Rs. 36,000 in a kit!
Extremely easy-to-use so you can teach and enjoy the experience with your child the minute you open the box! The curriculum is designed and structured in a way that it can easily be used at home by parents, in school by art teachers and by independent art educators.
It is one of the few or probably the only art programme in the world that is 100% experience oriented, where the creative journey is enjoyed by the parent and child with no concern about the outcome or end result of an activity. Whatever the child creates is awesome!