The Bril Affiliate Program

Becoming a Bril Affiliate is Free! Get access to one of the world’s best affiliate programs in the Baby & Children’s Niche.

  • Free to join.
  • Access to own Affiliate Back Office to track commissions.
  • Unique Affiliate Links to promote Bril products on your blog, website, emails etc.
  • Product-page affiliate links to promote individual product pages on
  • Great banners and tools to get started right away.
  • 10% commissions on sale value for all products purchased through your affiliate link(s).


The Bril Reseller Program

The Bril Reseller program is a unique and rewarding program for individuals to buy and resell amazing Bril products. It’s a home-based business that individuals can own at a very low investment of just Rs. 4400/-. The best part is you get products to resell even for the initial investment! This program is for anybody who wishes to run a small or big business by getting access to world-class Bril baby and children’s products at deep discounted reseller prices. Whether you wish to do a completely offline business or you wish to take advantage of our online business tools in the reseller back office and business & marketing tools section once you join, is up to you! With systematic effort, the Bril Reseller program could be a great source of additional income for you and your family. Download, print and fill out the registration form to send to us, or fill out the form below and complete an online purchase right away to get going!

For a complete home-based business opportunity that permits you to operate offline and online, become a Bril Reseller. See the table below to compare the Bril Affiliate and Bril Reseller Program:

Features Brill Affiliates Brill Resellers
Access to Personal Back Office
Unique Affiliate / Reseller Links to sell Bril products online
Commission on Sale Value when sales effected using unique affiliate / reseller links 10% 20%
Marketing and Business Tools (Including Printable Collaterals, Digital Collaterals and third party tools)
Permission to buy Bril products at discounted reseller price, maintain stocks and sell offline
Drop Shipping facility to customer after collecting money from a customer and paying reseller amount to Bril
Only online sales using affiliate link permitted. Affiliates cannot collect money from customers and buy from Bril at discounted prices
Volume Purchase Discounts (For select products, when applicable and available)
Initial Mandatory Investment in Products Free Rs. 4,400/-