1. What is the Bril Reseller Program?

By becoming a Bril Reseller, any individual can buy Bril Products at discounted Reseller Prices and resell the same to anybody.

2. How many Resellers will you appoint?

We plan to appoint many many resellers in India and abroad.

3. If there are too many resellers, who will I sell Bril Products to?

Good question. Let us assume that we appoint 2 million resellrs before we stop appointing more resellers, there are still more than 6 billion people on this planet. By leveraging the power of the internet, the sky is your limit- so stop worrying and start selling :-)

4. As a reseller do I get exclusivity over a region?

No the Bril Reseller program is non-exclusive. This is the only way we can allow you to sell to anyone anywhere in the world. If you wish to sell to people abroad, please ensure you have an IEC code and fullfil all government requirements. For starters sell to anyone anywhere in the country- that's a huge enough market for you to address first.

5. Do you sell Bril Products directly to customers and can I find Bril Products in shops?

Yes, we sell directly to people who are not resellers and you will also find Bril products in retail outlets.

6. Why would someone buy from me (a reseller) if they can buy directly from the company or from a shop?

The answer is that the market is huge and there is room for everyone. If you create an content-rich site that lists highly on search engines, you may have more traffic than us and sell many more products. We are happy if you can do that. Your success is our success. Click on www.sitesell.com/brilsbi.html to use this amazing third party tool to start building your very own ecommerce business- whether you sell Bril products through it or you find another niche, you win anyway. Remember there is no substitute to hard work and dedication.

7. I just want to buy products at a discounted price can I become a Bril Reseller and buy at the reseller price?

Ofcoure you can! Just fill out the Reseller Application form and buy available products worth Rs. 4400 (also at the reseller price) to become a Bril Reseller. The Bril Reseller program is not an MLM program and is all about the products. People use our products, love them and recommend it to people they know. So you are free to just buy and enjoy the lovely range of Bril products at discounted reseller prices if you wish.

8. Is there any minimum purchase value?

Yes, to become a Reseller, your first purçhase must be Rs. 4400/- or more. Subsequent purchases must be Rs. 1000 or more per purchase. The Rs. 1000 or more Min Purchase applies to all resellers and end customers buying on www.brilindia.com.

9. What products are available to Bril Resellers?

All products that are available for sale on www.brilindia.com are available to Bril Resellers also. Individual low-value products that can't be purchased online are not available to resellers.

10. How often do you pay reseller/affiliate commissions earned?

We pay commissions monthly, provided you have accrued commissions of Rs. 500 or more in your account (after adjusting any sales returns and claims).

11. How long do my reseller/affiliate link cookies last?

Our cookies last 50 years if the person clicking your link doesn't delete his/her history. So any time the person purchases you will get your commission*!

* As with any technology there may be rare tracking issues and this is unavoidable.

For more detailed FAQs about the Bril reseller program please Click Here