Be Your Own Boss!

Every single person is good at something! They are passionate about something or have know-how / knowledge about something that people would like to know and are searching for online. Why not make what you know a profitable e-commerce business?

At Bril, we wish to give people world-over access to world-class products, tools and services to help them make their dreams come true. As part of this mission to Make Living Fun, we recommend amazing third party tools that we have used and believe in, like SiteSell’s Site-Build-It (SBI!) also! SBI is a site-building, site-hosting and site promotion tool all rolled into one, to make even the most techo-challenged person an e-commerce whiz! Most importantly, you can trust any recommendation from Bril with your eyes closed, as Bril is a trusted brand since 1964.

SBI! has helped thousands of people just like you realize their dreams. Click Here to see how people have greatly benefited from SiteSell’sSBI. We urge you to try SBI whether you are a Bril Reseller or not! If you are already a Bril Reseller, that’s great, as you could choose to build a site in a niche that could help you generate many many leads to resell Bril products and also generate income from other related affiliate products / services that you don't even have to own or buy!

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Why are we sharing SBI with you even if you aren't a Bril Reseller yet? Our objective at Bril is to empower people with tools to Make Living Fun! That’s why!

SBI for Work at Home Moms and Homemakers:

Have you always wished you could build your own business and have the time to care for your family? Click Here to find out how, as SBI’s Content, Traffic, Pre-Sell and Monetize (CTPM) model is the simplest and best way that you can work from home and build an ecommerce business with a really low investment. Build an SEO friendly ecommerce site that shows up when people search for information that you know on search engines like Google! No advertising required if you find a good niche using SBI’s brainstorrnit tool and find the most profitable Niche (That you are passionate about) that has millions of searches!

How SBI will help you?

  • The opportunity to do something where you get to use your creative talents, writing skills and job experiences, as well as your passions
  • Quality time away from the day-to-day responsibilities of kids, husband, home
  • The satisfaction of doing something for yourself that provides fun, a feeling of accomplishment and income for your family
  • A flexible job that can be done anytime from home (or anywhere) without a schedule, bosses, or even customers
  • A real online business that requires only basic computer skills and provides a comprehensive support/training system to help you succeed
  • Control over your own finances
  • And most of all... the chance to be there for the kids when they need you!

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SBI for Students:

Are you a student? Click Here to see how you can graduate with a cool ecommerce business!

What could be a better project than a real ecommerce business?

You may just start earning so much that you decide to make your hobby or passion your full-time business when you graduate!

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SBI for Retirees:

Retiring doesn’t mean you have to stop earning. Use SBI to generate significant income and live the life you’ve always wished to!

We understand that hollow feeling you faced when you walked out of your office on the last day. Even if you have significant savings, there’s nothing like doing what you love. Take action and convert your passion / knowledge into a profitable ecommerce business. Start building that dream website today!

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SBI for Infopreneurs:

All of us know a lot about something. Why not share the information with people who are looking for it and become an infopreneur? There no time like the now to monetize what you know. Sitesell makes it much much easier. Get going now by clicking on

Travel Means Business:

How many times have you searched for travel related information on Google? Whether you love travelling or know a lot about a place, SBI is a great way to share the information about a place you have travelled to or live in. People are searching for that place, so why not share your knowledge and profit from it?

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SBI for MLM and Network Marketers:

You may be involved with the best network marketing or MLM company in the world, but finding ot really hard to get leads and sales in the offline world. Why not add the NET to your direct selling business? Use SBI and get thousands of leads by clicking on

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SBI for Colleges & Universities:

If you are the owner / management or a teacher / professor / facilitator at any accredited college or university anywhere in the world, why not offer SBI as a course in your college? The SBI business building course is offered in many world-famous universities including some Ivy leagues! Click Here to find out more.

If you are a company who wishes to get a Sitesell website built for you by Sitesell’s experts Click Here. Even if you already have a website, SiteSell can help you build a content-rich site in your niche as a feeder site to your main company or product website. SiteSell websites have the potential to generate huge amounts of free traffic in the long-run, as they focus on high quality Content that people are looking for on search engines. Get a SiteSell site as many of your competitors are getting one already! Visit

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Thank you so much for being a part of the Bril family in some way! Go, Make Living Fun for yourself!