About Me

My original creator was a super-cool, eminent scientist called Dr. N.Jayaraman. Through some hi-fi mixing & formulations, he created and perfected my first avatar which was fountain-pen ink. Yes, I was born as an ink-bottle way back in 1964, thanks to this cool man! Over the years I became synonymous with fountain pen inks and became an able companion and friend of every school-going student and fountain pen users. Then along came N.Jayaraman’s Son J.Rajaram. J.Rajaram decided that I should take a few more forms and created new avatars like ball point pens, geometry boxes, refills, crayons and sketch pens.

I chugged along happily in my new found avatars for a few years. In 2002 J.Rajaram’s son Jayaram Rajaram joined the party and my forms have grown multi-fold since.

Jayaram has given me a makeover and changed my personality so I can make Learning & Living fun for my young consumers. So now I’m also a teacher! Today my main guardians are J.Rajaram and his son Jayaram Rajaram ably assisted by a power-packed professional team!

Bril's Mantra:
Makes Living Fun

Bril's Mission:
To Make Living Fun for everyone through world-class products and services.

Our Mission is inspired by the sanskrit sloka Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu. This means Let all creatures and beings be free and happy and let my thoughts and actions contribute in some way to this freedom and happiness.

Value System:
We work to fulfill our mission daily by adopting the age old Indian philosophy of Nishkama Karma. Our entire team is trained to look at work as a duty and we carry out our duty without hankering after rewards as stated in the Bhagavad Gita. Duty for the sake of duty without hankering after rewards with other people's benefits in mind helps us Make Living Fun for Everyone and for ourselves as a byproduct!